A Professional Law Corporation

[Formerly Christina S. Stokholm, Inc., A Professional Law Corporation]



674 County Square Drive, Suite 209C
Ventura, CA  93003-0449
Phone: 805-233-7848  Fax: 805-456-0885

Matters Include:

Criminal Defense and DUI

Small Business

Nonprofit Organizations

Civil Litigation

Real Estate




"Thank you for helping us with our lawsuit.  You really made us feel at ease and walked us through one of the worst parts of our lives."

-Civil Litigation Client

"I am truly impressed by what you have accomplished in less than a day.  Thank you.  Your services are worth every penny."

 -Self Represented Litigant/Family Law Limited Scope Client


"You were like a mirage to me. A fresh drink of water in a hot desert.  I was so overwhelmed and down on myself.  Just plain ole' depressed.  The lowest I have felt in a long time. Especially as a grown adult woman.  You were so supportive and understanding. Non-judgmental and full of knowledge.  You knew exactly what I needed to hear and know at every particular moment.  I honestly think not many attorneys have the qualities that you have. You are unique and very well rounded. A stand-out amongst the others."

-DUI Client

"She helped me get my dog back from my ex!  I was having difficulty representing myself in order to get my precious dog back from my ex. It took me about 9 months and I was really frustrated. Christina took over the case, got everything he submitted dismissed, and a few months later I got my dog back! She made the whole process SO much easier for me and took away pretty much all of my anxiety over the case. My daughter is so happy. Christina is very upbeat, positive, and communicative. She also has excellent written skills: the paperwork she produces is very clear to understand with just the right amount of legalese to look professional."

-Civil Litigation Client

"I don't know what we would have done without your expertise in resolving this lawsuit.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you." 

-Civil Litigation/Real Estate Client


"This was a very ugly part of my life but things are getting better.  I hope you get everything you want in your lifetime.  You deserve it!  Thank you once again for being there for me."

-Criminal Defense Client


"I received my billing statement.  You are being VERY fair, and I thank you very much!!!!!"

-Self Represented Litigant - Family Law Limited Scope Client


"Thank you for helping me get past my own stupidity.  I'M VERY GRATEFUL." 

-Criminal Defense Client